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I never planned on being a photographer, much less a wedding photographer.  I had been a nurse since the 70's.  However, my mother was a professional Wedding Consultant and at that time needed my assistance.  In 1984, as I began to assume various roles in the wedding industry, I enrolled in various photography classes at the local college and courses offered by photographer Denis Reggie which helped me to acquire the skills and training I needed to pursue my new passion. I began to shoot many of the large high end weddings available to me in my home town of Carmel by-the-sea, California. My love for the small beach weddings in particular was my joy.  When I moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota, it was only natural for me to continue planning, officiating, decorating and of course filming weddings.  Now here I sit, 36 years later and I'm still doing what I love, only now I specialize in the smaller, more intimate, boutique weddings.

My prices are low because with all of todays apps, you can edit your own photos.  That saves time and save money.


 Gael Marie



    "Inside  of  every  grown  woman, 

there a little girl who wants the fairytale"

Flower Branch

"Everyone should be able to have a

beautiful wedding that they can afford"


"Capturing the moments of tomorrows memories"

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